Nanak Darbar Sahib Gurdwara in Japan, first started in the house of the late
Mr. Motwani in downtown Kobe.
Soon after, land for this gurdwara was bought by the committee in 1966.
After the house of Mr. Sant Singh Bhateja was purchased to create a permanent gurdwara,
it was soon renovated to make the proper gurdwara that stands today.
Originally, the sangat had been doing kirtan and paat (services).
In the beginning Sardar Bahadur Singh Khurana used to do prakash and sukhasin for many years.
After his death the committee produced seven keys for the gurdwara,
and the morning and night prayers were assigned to the committee members.

As time went on, the committee called a Ragi Jatha to come from India twice a year.
One Japanese lady was hired to maintain the gurdwara and cook langar on Sundayfs.
From the start of this gurdwara there was langar available every Sunday.
As the gurdwara stands today, there is an average of 80 people on
Sunday and other important events.
Currently the gurdwara committee has brought Giani Jaswant Singh
from India to help for a few years.